Dimitris Siakavelis

Dimitris Siakavelis

Rotterdam, Netherlands ยท dimitris@siakavelis.gr

I am a G(r)eek Web Developer.
I love providing the easiest and fastest solutions to problems.
I created this website so that I can brag about myself


These are the most important projects that I created or worked on


An SaaS built from scratch with HTML/CSS, Vue.js, PHP 7, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap. Includes custom API integrations with Hubspot, Braintree, PayPal and more company-specific customizations to suit the company's needs.


Swirl Educational Platform

An educational platform built with Laravel 5 and Vue.js according to EU-provided specifications.

May 2019

Backend User Count

A WordPress plugin. This simple plugin will allow all editors of a WordPress website to view the current user count. The plugin will show you the total count of users as well as counts-per-role.

December 2018

Themida Information Management System

Website: N/A (No external access)

A custom information management system built from scratch with HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX and Handlebars. The system is used to keep track of the most important information inside the company.

March 2018

Startup Europe

A custom website built with HTML/CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, MySQL, jQuery and AJAX. Includes user and profile management. Startups register for a new account and submit themselves into this directory.

December 2017


A custom web application built with HTML/CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, PayPal, BrainTree. Includes input data, graphs, PDF financial reports, user management with different access levels and payments integration through PayPal/Braintree.

February 2017

Kronos Timesheets

Website: N/A (No external access)

A custom web application built with HTML/CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX. Includes time tracking features and user management. It is used solely for the business' needs, and it is tracking the time spent by its employees.

May 2017

Athena e-Learning

A Joomla website integrated with a Moodle platform plus database. Includes e-learning modules, subscriptions, payments and single sign on between Joomla and Moodle.

October 2016


An HTML website utilizing another website's database. Backend database management and payment by PayPal integrations included. Technologies used: HTML/CSS, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, Paypal integration.

December 2015


A custom Joomla website development. Includes custom engine for questionnaires and reports per user. Built with Joomla CMS (heavy customization), PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX.

December 2014


A responsive WordPress website development built with WordPress CMS, HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Mailchimp Integration. The home and main webpage of the company. Includes heavy template customization and many integrations.

March 2015


A responsive WordPress website development in the Greek language. Includes many template customizations and some integrations. Technologies used: WordPress CMS, HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Mailchimp.

March 2015

Deixto WordPress Plugin

A WordPress GUI for the powerful web data extractor DEiXTo (abandoned). Obviously, built with PHP/MySQL.

December 2013

Astiko Bus of Trikala

A responsive Joomla website development for the official bus company of the city of Trikala. Helped thousands of people throughout their daily lives. Built with: Joomla CMS, HTML/CSS, jQuery.

January 2012


I enjoy using the following Tools and Frameworks
  • jQuery
  • Handlebars
  • DateRangePicker
  • moment.js
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Prestashop


My experience and knowledge

Since 2011, I have been working non-stop and full-time as a Full Stack Web Developer. By working throughout all these years, I have accumulated a vast experience in PHP and JavaScript. I actually love JavaScript!

I am experienced in planning, development, management and maintenance of websites and databases. At the same time I have been operating as a System Administrator, and I have helped in Tech Support & Troubleshooting, User Assistance and Information Control & Management.

Computers are my interest and passion. I always follow the latest news on gadgets, hardware, software and anything involving technology and trends.